Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Taj Mahal Cake

When me and my sisters (Zee & Mastura) discussed about what design should we make for our brother's wedding cake, Mastura came out with an idea of Taj Mahal. As it is a symbol of Love, Islamic art and Architectural. Since our brother is an architect and also marrying an architect, we decided 'lets go for Taj Mahal then'. That's when Zee and I discussed for almost and hour on the phone and 3 hours meeting up on 'How do we construct a Taj Mahal cake'. Frankly, we only have pictures for reference. No guide at all on 'how'. But I would say, I'm so proud on the result. On a sleepless nite, we did it!!

It was way heavy for me to carry it down from my apartment to the car. Thank god, it could fit into the car.. Enjoy the photos..

Proud and Happy!!

Here's something to share on how we construct the Taj Mahal Cake.

1. The base. After crumbcoating, the base is covered with fondant. The size is approximately 12inch x 20inch.

2. This is the building. Made of 2 x 10inch cake (sandwich together). We crumbcoat it and cover it with fondant. Pretty heavy..

3. This is the small dome that were made for each pillar. Made of fondant.

4. Dowel rods were insert into the base of the cake for the building to be stacked on top.

5. Ensuring the quantity of rods are sufficient to hold the weight of the building

6. Stacking the building and arranging the dome

7. Making the landscape. We use sugar sprinklers, fondant and piping jelly

8. Pillars and dome covered with fondant and decorate with lace

9. Ready to be delivered

10. Arrived at wedding hall

11. Assembling the dome

12. Assembling the pillars

13. DONE!!!
14. Side view

15. Top view
16. With the couple

17. Cut and served

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